4 Tips How To Find New Fishing Spots

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4 Tips How To Find New Fishing Spots


4 Tips How To Find New Fishing Spots


4 Tips How To Find New Fishing Spots

Whether you are a seasoned angler or it is your first time going fishing. Finding new uncrowded fishing spots can be tough for anglers of all skill levels. With social media and online resources becoming more available, the local honey holes seem to be teeming with people as the season goes on. This has led to many anglers looking for new untouched water. So, how can you find these hidden oasis' amongst people exploring your local water? Although some may think you need to buy a plane ticket and spend thousands of dollars at a lodge up north to avoid people and have excellent fishing. By spending a few minutes of your day researching bodies of water, you can find a wealth of information at your fingertips. All you have to do is grab your gear, fill up your vehicle and explore these lakes or rivers till you find your slice of heaven. Here are a few resources to help get you started or add to your arsenal, improving your days on the water.

Google Earth

For years, many anglers have used Google Earth to map out areas and find new bodies of water locally. Although drones are prevalent these days, many of us cannot afford one to scout high above bodies of water. Google Earth can give detailed satellite imagery of your local area showing where rivers and lakes are in your area. It can also reveal pathways and trails you may not have seen during previous trips exploring your local waters on foot.

Using the screenshot tool on your computer or phone allows you to capture an image of the area you want to explore. You can use this as a detailed reference when you are out of cellular reception. Utilizing free resources such as Google Earth can help narrow down locations for you to explore on your next outing on the water. Always consult with the fishing regulations for your area to ensure that you are not fishing closed or private waters.

Bathymetric Maps

Bathymetric maps are a underwater map of a lake's depth contours, usually presented in a colour or grayscale format. Almost every body of water in North America that contains multiple species of fish will have a bathymetric map of the lake. Luckily these maps are usually free through the provincial or state government. These are excellent resources to find surveyed bodies of water in your local area that may have gamefish. In addition, a simple google search of bathymetric maps in your local area will share a wealth of information about the structures within the lake, protected bays, steep drop-offs, and many other locations famous for housing fish.

Applications for Your Mobile Device

Technology. Whether you love or hate it, it is a part of our everyday lives. Utilizing applications on your phone or device is a great way to help find new locations to fish. The two most popular apps that help anglers find fresh water is the series of IFish app's that are available in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Another great app is Navionics

IFish Proximity Search

The series of IFish applications are a series of paid apps available for your mobile device. The IFish Apps provide hotspot information, local fishing reports, species information, bathymetric maps, and much more. One essential tool with these apps is that they have a feature called a proximity search. With proximity search, you type in your location, select how far you want to travel, and which fish species you want to target, and it will give you a list of fisheries in your area within your set parameters. This super helpful tool speeds up the process of finding local bodies of water and the fish that live in them. The downfall of this app is it is not a worldwide application, but great if you are from Canada or plan to visit Canada.


Navionics mobile app is an effective tool for all anglers and is one you might want to consider downloading before your next time on the water. While many might think Navionics is a way to find bathymetric maps and study your local waters. Navionics provides the most up-to-date information regarding bodies of water, weather and tides charts and it allows you to create maps and save locations for future days on the water. It is available internationally and has saved the day for many anglers when they have experienced failures within their main navigation system. Navionics is a next-generation application that will drastically improve your trip planning leading to more enjoyable days on the water filled to the brim with fish in hand.

Local Stocking Reports

Often overlooked, the provincial or state stocking report for your local area is a great way to find bodies of water known to have gamefish. Most stocking reports will give the name of the lake or river, the location where they were released, and the species and the average size of the fish. There are also unnamed lakes that often get stocked which may hold the trophies you seek. These lakes are often harder to find and have no regulations. If it was not for the stocking record, many of these lakes or rivers do not exist to the public. A simple google maps search will bring you to these bodies of water, and all that's left to do is wet a line.

These are just a few helpful tips to help you find that next hidden oasis near you that is overflowing with the species you seek. Using a combination of all these is a proven winner to finding that next hot spot you might not even tell your fishing buddies about, even the closest of friends.

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