Our Story

Work hard. Play harder. A phrase that you might’ve heard growing up, or, maybe you live by. Our story started on a frozen lake in Saskatchewan, in the heart of the prairies. We grew up fishing on the weekends with our dads before realizing it was much more than heading home with a limit. We fish for the memories, the anticipation and the unknown. We represent all the hardworking men and women out there that clock in and clock out, putting in the time all week just to fuel their passion on the weekend. That feeling of planning a fishing or hunting trip with friends & family, leaving work on a Friday, chasing the next hot bite or completing a successful hunt ignites a passion so deep within us. The memories made. The feelings that last. The experiences that never fade.

Our goal

To grow a community of like-minded individuals and fuel our passions for the outdoors together through the Wknd Warriors brand.


Built for the weekend. We are dedicated to growing passions for the outdoors. Educating, entertaining and giving back to the land we love to fish and hunt. We are conservation focused so future generations are able to enjoy the resources that we do today. A percentage of our sales is donated back to Canadian Wildlife foundations and efforts.




    Brandon grew up in small-town Southern Saskatchewan. Weekends in the summer were known as lake time with the family, and that meant getting out on the water early with his Dad to chase the walleye bite. It wasn’t until his time down in North Dakota for college when he was introduced to ice fishing and that's when an entirely new passion for the sport ignited. “At a young age I had a passion for fishing. But it wasn’t until recent years that that passion exploded into an undeniable desire to learn and grow the sport we all love and enjoy. Whether you’re a full time guide or a weekend warrior, our brand is for everyone alike. Learning, growing and helping one another enjoy and preserve our amazing resources has always been the goal.” - Brandon Brandon currently resides outside of Regina with his wife Brooklynn and their dog Bailey and is a REALTOR® supporting buyers and sellers across southern Saskatchewan when he's not fishing.


    Logan grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and has spent every summer since birth living the lake life at the family cabin at Buffalo Pound. That being, where the love for fishing really roots from with his first fish; a Northern Pike, coming in 2002 at the age of 5 years old. The love for the sport has continued to grow and has taken him all over Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and beyond in search of the next adventure and bite. Most recently spending a full month guiding in the Northwest Territories which was the experience of a life time. “The outdoors, and fishing more specifically is something that has always intrigued me more than anything else. Never knowing what the next bite could be, it’s like a never ending adventure that takes you to so many amazing places. The Wknd Warrior brand is for everyone, whether you are totally new to the outdoors or a seasoned vet. A community to learn, grow and help preserve and enhance our amazing outdoor resources” - Logan