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School Time Ft. Liam Whetter


School Time Ft. Liam Whetter


It's what every angler dreams about — finding the motherlode — that massive school of big fish that we know is out there somewhere, just waiting for us.  And don't fool yourself, it should be your goal every time you launch the boat, because lake trout, smallmouth bass, yellow perch and walleye like this beauty, bunch up in big numbers. Even top predators like northern pike and muskies will form loose aggregations and hunt in wolf packs.

That is why, when I am prospecting for fish, my goal is always to catch the first fish of the day.  Because, where there is one, there's usually a whole bunch more. The other key, of course, is once you find them, not to frighten them away.

When I am fishing in clear, shallow water l like to stay as far downwind of the fish as possible, so I don't drift over top of them.   I also keep the trolling on slow speed and use it sparingly.  Finally, I always make long casts — as far as I can — and pick the school apart from the flanks.

By the same token, if I find a nice school of walleyes or perch in deep water, like we often do in the fall and winter, I’ll work them from the top.  Fishing this way, I can pull a hooked fish away from the pack, rather than through the middle of it and not spook the others. Finally, no matter whether I locate a school of fish, I work it relatively quickly because I am often fishing a moving target.  

One last good news tip: with so many fish competing for your lure, you can  usually forget about messing with live bait and use artificials instead.  This way, when you finally strike the motherlode, you can mine it for all the gold.


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October 2022


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